Protect against allergic substance from outdoor by create Positive Pressure inside the room which is the standard to make a Clean Room in hospital.

High Efficiency in reducing allergic substance inside the room

Full of oxygen which is essential to our body

Massage From the Management


Prasart Kiatpaibulkit
Managing Director

Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) is caused by minuscule particles surrounding us, such as dust, smoke, pollen, smog and chemicals. Also many other substances like insect feces, animal fur, fungus, perfume and dust mites.Therefore, treatments that focus only on dust mites are not efficient enough. If your bed is an anti-allergy bed or you have an air purifier but you still wake up in the morning with a runny nose, stuffy nose or cough, this could be from allergens that are still in your room. The correct solution is by removing all allergens from the air you breathe.

Medical researchers have stated that a clean fresh air machine could reduce the level of allergens in the room by 80 per cent after 72 hours of continuous use. Moreover, it can control the level of oxygen, humidity, and temperature in the room at all times. The improvement of air quality by “G-Life Clean Fresh Air Machine” can reduce the levels of all kinds of allergens in your room and can also maintain a high level of fresh air and oxygen in your room.

If you are suffering from allergies, our company is pleased to offer you a Free Trial without any terms and conditions. Because all drugs have side effects, a drug-less therapy is always a better choice than a drug-taking therapy.


Treatments for Allergies that are proven to be efficient:

  1. Remove and avoid all allergens

  2. Improve your immune system by eating healthy and exercising.

Medical advice from allergist

Pro. Boonjue Dhoranin, Dr. Med

Allergic Substance and Aerobiology specialist.

A member of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Association of Thailand

Secured by Medical Research


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Protect your house against outdoor air pollution

No Dust – No Germs – No Allergic Substance

3 steps to stop allergy without drug



5 Steps Filtration to eliminate allergic substance


Step 1

Pre Filter to trap big particle, pollen, fur and etc

Step 2

Activated Carbon Filter 1 to eliminate smoke from vehicle bad odor and all kind of air pollution

Step 3

Activated Carbon Filter 2, second protective layer of air pollutants

Step 4

ULPA Filter, 0.1 micron ULPA Filter, efficiency 99.9995% to eliminate bacteria, mold and virus.

Step 5

UV Light, UV-C Germicidal Ultra Violet Light to kill germs at the final process

Installation of FreshO

3 steps to stop allergy without drug

Step 1

Drill a hole on the wall

Step 2

Hang the machine on the wall outside the house

Step 3

Install air outlet inside the room

Sample of Installations


Model FreshO-MK1
Dimension 32 Width x 64 Length x 46 Height (mm)
Weight 32 kg
Room Size Up to 60.0 square meter
Air Flow (cfm) Low = 20; Medium = 40 ; High = 60
UV-C Germicidal Lamp YES
Energy Consumption 78 watts
Maintenance Indicators lights up automatically on the Air Outlet Panel when maintenance required

Technical data

5 Steps Filtration


  •  Pre filter: Synthetic filter
  •  Deodorizing filter: Double layer Diverting Solid pack High Absorption Activated Carbon Filter, Iodine value 600 Mg/G, thickness 8 cm
  • Main filter: UPLA Filter: 100 nanometer filtration efficiency [DOP]: 99.999%@0.1um. Primary resistance ≥160pa,  Air velocity:200(m3/h).
  • UV-C: Germicidal UV Lamp 6 watts
  • Power consumption 78 watts
  • product_fresho2

FreshO Clean Fresh Air Machine with 5 yesrs warranty.


  • Dr. Supagee Srikaes

    “I installed FreshO at clinic & home in order to add fresh air for patients and members of the family. I recommended our patients to use FreshO for better quality of life for those who live in big city among pollution. Pleased to support a Thai's innovation.”Dr. Supagee Srikaes (Absolute Health Co., Ltd.)

  • Ms. Sudaporn Tangkitvanichkul

    “I am suffering from Asthma. Having sleep apnea and periodic breathing at night. I have to take medicine and an injection every month. After I have installed FreshO in my room There is no dust and no odors from outside which always leaked in. FreshO enables me to sleep the whole night. The Asthma is gradually better too.”Ms. Sudaporn Tangkitvanichkul (The Bureaucracy)

  • Mr. Kunakorn Mekjaidee

    “My family installed 2 units of FreshO in our bedroom and we wake up every day with freshness. It is really impressive experiences. I installed 3 more units of FreshO in our company in order to let our team getting good air. It is very worth the investment for health in my life.”Mr. Kunakorn Mekjaidee (Audit Committee of Thai Chamber of Commerce & Chairman of Thai Venture Capital Association)

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